Site-docs Style Guide

This document outlines the style guidelines for the site-docs. Adhering to these guidelines will help ensure consistency and cohesion across all pages of the website.

Color Guidelines

  • Boost Mustard

    • only use for one or two key top level headings

    • never on inactive UI controls

    • OK to use for hover state

    • never use large areas of this color in illustrations

    • never used as an endpoint of a color blend

Wording Guidelines

  • The word "Boost" should occur no more than once per page, not counting logo, but logo should not be visible in two places.

    • user generated content excluded

  • The word "C++" should occur no more than once on a page

    • user-generated content excluded

We want to minimize the number of times we use the word "Boost" on a page. Since the logo in the header has the word "Boost" in it, sometimes we will have no choice but to use the word at least twice on a page. But we should try to minimize the repetitions.

URL Display

  • Per-library links (e.g. GitHub or docs) should use a schemeless URL:

url style guide image

Image Display

  • User avatars should never be displayed squared, always with rounded corners