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The organization of boost integer headers and classes is designed to take advantage of <stdint.h> types from the 1999 C standard without resorting to undefined behavior in terms of the 1998 C++ standard. The header <boost/cstdint.hpp> makes the standard integer types safely available in namespace boost without placing any names in namespace std.


Andrey Semashev
Daryle Walker


Boost.Integer, part of collection of the Boost C++ Libraries, provides integer type support, particularly helpful in generic programming. It provides the means to select an integer type based upon its properties, like the number of bits or the maximum supported value, as well as compile-time bit mask selection. There is a derivative of std::numeric_limits that provides integral constant expressions for min and max... Finally, it provides two compile-time algorithms: determining the highest power of two in a compile-time value; and computing min and max of constant expressions.


  • doc - QuickBook documentation sources
  • include - Interface headers of Boost.Integer
  • test - Boost.Integer unit tests

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Distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0.