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Boost Generic Image Library (GIL)

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Boost.GIL is a part of the Boost C++ Libraries.

The Boost Generic Image Library (GIL) is a C++14 header-only library that abstracts image representations from algorithms and allows writing code that can work on a variety of images with performance similar to hand-writing for a specific image type.


See for release notes.

See for instructions about how to build and run tests and examples using Boost.Build or CMake.

See example/ for GIL usage examples.

See example/b2/ for Boost.Build configuration examples.

See example/cmake/ for CMake configuration examples.


The Boost Generic Image Library (GIL) requires:

  • C++14 compiler (GCC 6, clang 3.9, MSVC++ 14.1 (1910) or any later version)
  • Boost header-only libraries

Optionally, in order to build and run tests and examples:

  • Boost.Filesystem
  • Boost.Test
  • Headers and libraries of libjpeg, libpng, libtiff, libraw for the I/O extension and some of examples.


The official repository contains the following branches:

  • master This holds the most recent snapshot with code that is known to be stable.

  • develop This holds the most recent snapshot. It may contain unstable code.


There is number of communication channels to ask questions and discuss Boost.GIL issues:

Contributing (We Need Your Help!)

If you would like to contribute to Boost.GIL, help us improve the library and maintain high quality, there is number of ways to do it.

If you would like to test the library, contribute new feature or a bug fix, see the where the whole development infrastructure and the contributing workflow is explained in details.

You may consider performing code reviews on active pull requests or help with solving reported issues, especially those labelled with:

Any feedback from users and developers, even simple questions about how things work or why they were done a certain way, carries value and can be used to improve the library.


Distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0.