03 Added in Boost 1.29.0
Categories: Workarounds

Helps Boost library developers adapt to compiler idiosyncrasies; not intended for library users.


John Maddock

Boost Config Library

This library provides configuration support for the Boost C++ libraries.

The full documentation is available on

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Support, bugs and feature requests

Bugs and feature requests can be reported through the Gitub issue tracker (see open issues and closed issues).

You can submit your changes through a pull request.

There is no mailing-list specific to Boost Config, although you can use the general-purpose Boost mailing-list using the tag [config].


Clone the whole boost project, which includes the individual Boost projects as submodules (see boost+git doc):

git clone
cd boost
git submodule update --init

The Boost Config Library is located in libs/config/.

Running tests

First, make sure you are in libs/config/test. You can either run all the tests listed in Jamfile.v2 or run a single test:

../../../b2                        <- run all tests
../../../b2 config_info            <- single test

For developers

Please check the Guidelines for Boost Authors. from the full documentation.