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An implementation of <charconv> in C++11.

Polymorphic casts.

An extendible and configurable type-conversion framework.

A collection of simple core utilities with minimal dependencies.

This library contains a set of header only utilities used internally by Boost C++ Libraries to facilitate their implementation.

Types and conversion functions for correct byte ordering and more regardless of processor endianness.

General literal text conversions, such as an int represented a string, or vice-versa.


Logging library.

Optimized Policy-based Numeric Conversions.

This library defines a set of compiler, architecture, operating system, library, and other version numbers from the information it can gather of C, C++, Objective C, and Objective C++ predefined macros or those defined in generally available headers.

The program_options library allows program developers to obtain program options, that is (name, value) pairs from the user, via conventional methods such as command line and config file.

Enhanced generic swap function.

Event timer, progress timer, and progress display classes.

3-state boolean type library.

Various utilities, such as base-from-member idiom and binary literals in C++03.

Wrapper for uniform-syntax value initialization, based on the original idea of David Abrahams.

Windows API abstraction layer.