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Safe, generic container for single values of different value types.


Bidirectional maps library for C++. With Boost.Bimap you can create associative containers in which both types can be used as key.

A pair class with empty member optimization.

Standard library containers and extensions.

Library for working with tuples, including various containers, algorithms, etc.

The Boost.Geometry library provides geometric algorithms, primitives and spatial index.

Priority queue data structures.


Fast multi-dimensional histogram with convenient interface for C++14


Interval Container Library, interval sets and maps and aggregation of associated values

JSON parsing, serialization, and DOM in C++11

The Boost Multi-index Containers Library provides a class template named multi_index_container which enables the construction of containers maintaining one or more indices with different sorting and access semantics.

A value-semantic, type-safe wrapper for representing 'optional' (or 'nullable') objects of a given type. An optional object may or may not contain a value of the underlying type.



Basic reflection for user defined types.

Containers for storing heap-allocated polymorphic objects to ease OO-programming.

Voronoi diagram construction and booleans/clipping, resizing/offsetting and more for planar polygons with integral coordinates.

A tree data structure especially suited to storing configuration data.

Ease definition of functions returning multiple values, and more.


Runtime polymorphism based on concepts.



URL parsing in C++11

A universally unique identifier.


Safe, generic, stack-based discriminated union container.

A never-valueless, strong guarantee implementation of std::variant.