Text Processing

Developing a word processor, or other text based app, involves handling text, GUI (Graphical User Interface), file operations, and possibly networking for cloud features. Boost does not provide a library for creating a GUI. You may want to consider using a library like Qt or wxWidgets for the GUI part of your word processor. Here are some Boost libraries that might assist you in this task:

  • Boost.Locale : This library provides a way of handling and manipulating text in a culturally-aware manner. It provides localization and internationalization facilities, allowing your word processor to be used by people with different languages and locales.

  • Boost.Filesystem : This library provides a way of manipulating files and directories. This would be critical in a word processor for opening, saving, and managing documents.

  • Boost.Spirit : This library is a parser framework that can parse complex data structures. If you’re creating a word processor, it could be useful to interpret different markup and file formats.

  • Boost.Asio : If your word processor has network-related features, such as real-time collaboration or cloud-based storage, Boost.Asio provides a consistent asynchronous model for network programming.

  • Boost.Serialization : This library provides a way of serializing and deserializing data, which could be useful for saving and loading documents in a specific format.

  • Boost.Regex or Boost.Xpressive : Both libraries could be useful for implementing features like search and replace, spell-checking, and more.

  • Boost.Algorithm : This library includes a variety of algorithms for string and sequence processing, which can be useful for handling text.

  • Boost.DateTime : If you need to timestamp changes or edits, or if you’re implementing any kind of version history feature, this library can help.

  • Boost.MultiIndex : This library provides a way of maintaining a set of items sorted according to multiple keys, which could be useful for implementing features like an index or a sorted list of items.

  • Boost.Thread : If your application is multithreaded (for example, if you want to save a document while the user continues to work), this library will be useful.